About us


About Us

With so many online sellers popping up every day, finding the right product for your need, at the right price is getting harder by the second. But don’t worry, iBcart is created to solve just these two problems.

The Price is Right!

We aim to bring you a price comparison channel that shows you prices from multiple websites across the internet. This way, you can find the best price for the product you have your eyes set on.

This also ensures that you never miss a deal. If at the point you decide to buy a product, you can check out the historical price trend on our website. This will help you decide whether now is the right time to buy or should you wait.

And if you let us know, we will also send you price drop alerts.

The Product is Right!

In addition to finding you the right price, we go one step further. We want to safeguard you from having a less-than-stellar experience. Therefore, we also offer you genuine, unbiased reviews.

With so many brands resorting to paid reviews these days, we understand that you don’t know what to trust. Therefore, we aggregate what verified buyers like you have to say about a product.

By leaving a review on iBcart, not only you’ll be helping your fellow buyers, but you’ll also get genuine and unbiased reviews of the product and store experience you are looking to buy next.

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